PRESIDENT Sweet Revenge

President’s “Sweet Revenge” is one of our favorite pieces and one of those projects that really stood out. A year after its release, it won the Grand Prix in the Entertainment category at Dubai Lynx 2019.

Back in 2018, to announce President’s Ramadan World Cup promotion, we came up a creative concept merging the brand’s promotion with Egypt in the World Cup, but, sadly, Egypt lost to Russia. Still not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to communicate during the World Cup, we thought we’d revisit the concept; change it completely so that it goes well with what was happening at the time. And so this piece was conceptualized, shot, edited, approved and posted in less than four days.

This video ad went insanely viral and had people go as far as to download it and re-upload it on their pages. We’ve even had community members tagging their friends and encouraging them to create their own version of the video.