CHANGAN Saudi's National Day

For Saudi’s 90th National Day, we collaborated with our partners to celebrate Saudi Arabia and its people’s love for their country. We created this video accompanied with a jingle that was written, composed and produced by great talents including Husein Al-Yami, Mahmoud El Khayami, Mahmood Alshaaery and sung by Ayed, one of Saudi’s most promising up-and-coming artists. 

The campaign was launched on all our social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with Youtube being our main platform. It was also featured on Tiktok using their in-feed placement and Snapchat where we had a National-Day themed filter supporting our song.

This campaign garnered incredible feedback from the Saudi Community and we exceeded our Target by 200%. The song was released on Anghami and, in just one week, it had already reached 48K unique users and 167K plays, which is 4x more streams than the average of a song promoted for a week. It also reached the #3 spot in the charts for Top Arabic in KSA.