The  Campaign Challenge

During Ramadan 2020, MYF wanted to launch a campaign with a “Shares and Arrows” concept to encourage people to donate . By buying a share, people will be contributing to a heart surgery for a child in need. 

The Approach
In the planning process, the approach was to create awareness about the new campaign and to drive donations. It was important to include the right platforms for this campaign to stand out from the competition with the new campaign in order to reflect in sales. So the platforms included were Facebook & Instagram, Google display network, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition to other portals such as Project agora and Jumia, using a video asset announcing the shares concept with a call to action in the end that leads to the website for donation. 

The Results

  • The campaign reached 8 million people on both Facebook & Instagram
  • 300K+ clicks to MYF landing page across Google solutions ( search Ads & Google display network)