NETFLIX Paranormal

We’re happy to have worked with a big talented team to bring this campaign for the first Egyptian Netflix Original to life.

4 days prior to the launch of ما وراء الطبيعة we release this video to get the region and horror fiction fans excited about everything they have heard and read growing up but have never gotten the chance to see on screen – until now.

Shortly after that we released this piece of content where the Paranormal cast introduce themselves and their characters. The idea was to publish this video on the day Paranormal launched on Netflix as a message from the actors and actresses to everyone and an invitation for people to watch the show.

An exclusive behind the scenes interview with the extremely talented Ahmed Amin أحمد أمين covering everything from how he got the role, his journey to get into character, his experience with the legendary Ahmed Khaled Tawfik to the challenges they faced during filming and everything that eventually led up to a truly stunning performance.

Amr Salama and Ahmed Amin walk us through one of Paranormal’s toughest scenes to film shot by shot. They explain the physical and mental challenges they faced during filming this specific scene and how difficult it was for the whole crew. This kind of content is especially interesting for movie fanatics as well as aspiring actors and filmmakers who get to see the great amount of work and effort that was put into the scenes they watch.

Showcasing the relationship and the most interesting moments of Refaat and Maggie throughout the 6 episodes.

An up close and personal game of “who’s who” where we get to know the actors and actresses beyond the characters we see on screen.