KIJAMII Data Studio

What is Digital Listening and why is it important?

  • Thousands of conversations take place across the MENA region in relation to brand experiences across diverse industries.
  • Most of these conversations go unseen, which results in widening the gap between the brands offerings & the target audience expectations.
  • This gap is usually compensated with investments in offline market researches even though they lack the authenticity of digital users’ conversations that take place in uncontrolled environments.

Our Digital Listening services capture conversations that happen outside brand’s social & digital assets with the aim of understand how users perceive a specific brands versus their competition & what’s the value that they expect to receive from a specific industry.

We provide the below:

– Tools that are mainly used for data gathering, providing alerts & guiding us in identifying key influencers discussing the brand publicly

– Analytical expertise measuring metrics such as volume of conversations, Topics analysis in ways that serve the brand’s bigger listening objectives.

– Customizable product offerings.

Platforms monitored & analyzed: