MONEYFELLOWS #جمعية_ودايرة_صح

The concept of gameeya has been around for years in Egypt. Regardless of your generation, age group or economic status, you must’ve joined or stumbled upon a gameeya at least once in your life. And while we all know how beneficial this arrangement is, those of us who’ve chosen to join a gameeya with the wrong circle of friends understand how much of a hassle it could become.

And that’s where MoneyFellows comes in. MoneyFellows allows you to save and manage your money with trusted, convenient money circles that include dependable individuals that you do not necessarily have to know in person.


Campaign’s Media Planning & Buying:

The Challenge

The objective was to familiarize people with MoneyFellows and get as many potential circle joiners as possible to install the App. To do that we needed to experiment with Acquisition solutions, Awareness solutions, Reach and Conversions; prompting as many people as possible to download the App. We would also introduce in-app campaigns to increase Signups. 

The Approach

We initiated, both, Awareness and Acquisition solutions in parallel focusing on installs the first month to have a huge base of users to work with. We then ran an A/B test between optimizing in-app actions for (Complete Registrations “Sign Ups” v.s. Purchase “Join Circle”) and we’ve found that optimizing for Signups worked better in terms of being more cost efficient and Customer Acquisitions Cost “CAC”