PEPSI #BeBoldWithPepsi

Pepsi came to us wanting to announce the launch of their new cola with lime and berries and zero calories. A bold new product that needed to be marketed to an equally bold target audience. So we found Generation-Z to be the most fitting market.

The campaign started with a video ad that was conceptualized by Elephant and crafted by Good People. Following the main copy, we created digital, snackable product-centric content that was put up on different platforms to ensure that we reach Gen-z wherever they might be.

We started with simple interviews with two of their favorite rappers and influencers.

Shortly after that, we encouraged influencers Dina Dash, Shahd El Sharaawy, Layla Ghaleb, Amr Nesouhy and Omar Sharky to rap online and challenged our target audience to show us what they’ve got and share their rap videos as well under #BeBoldWithPepsi

Soon enough, we had created an online community that were trying out Pepsi’s new products and expressing themselves under the #BeBoldWithPepsi movement.