Magrabi Foundation l World Sight Day

When it was that time of year to celebrate World Sight Day, our partners Magrabi Foundation collaborated with us on this project to guarantee a proper approach to the most important day on their calendar.  As world Sight day rolled around, we thought it would be absolutely fitting to draw attention to the campaign by using many local insights that Egyptians can relate to and feel like they are a part of.

One of those insights was the Eye of Horus. The historic hieroglyph is known to be a symbol of protection and good health. Another one was the widely known blue amulet, or as we call it; the blue eye. In our culture the blue eye is believed to protect us from those around us giving us an “evil eye”. Also certain eye gestures that only we as Egyptians would understand were displayed. The purpose behind adding these local insights is that through them we can convey this sense of relevance to the people and portray how vital it is to protect our eyes.

One thing that makes this campaign stand out amongst the rest is the way it had people who have absolutely no interest in World Sight Day pay attention and understand the importance of eye care, as it is in our roots to use our eyes to do everything; not to just merely see.

The campaign has been very well received and was backed by a number of A-listers. The video has accumulated over a whooping 1 million views, and over 4k likes; with people from all over the country commenting and expressing their support of the campaign and the initiative.

Client :Magrabi Foundation

Period :2018

Location :Egypt