Vodafone Careers - Employer Branding video

We have been working with Vodafone on their Employer Branding for years now. And so, given that we know the brand by heart, when they decided they wanted to create a video encouraging potential employees to come work at Vodafone, we were uber excited!

We decided we would completely drift apart from all that is familiar and mundane. And we absolutely did.

Through this video, we wanted to expose Vodafone’s fast-paced and dynamic work environment and to encourage individuals to apply to work there while subtly publicizing the organization’s employee value proposition.

We also wanted the video to be as “real” as possible. We did not want this video to be just another ad.

To do this, we featured seven real-life Vodafone employees from different departments, with different positions and different stories. Seven employees to tell their real stories.

Stories of success, stories of their everyday life, stories about how they found the perfect work life-balance and, most importantly, stories that give the watcher a glimpse of what it will be like working in Vodafone.

It is unquestionable that this project is the first of its kind. To Vodafone and to Kijamii.

To Vodafone because, with its energetic, upbeat and movie-trailer-inspired feel, it is unlike any other video production Vodafone has done before.

And definitely to Kijamii because of the challenges we faced during this project. From cracking the brief and aiming to create something completely out of the box to utilizing our production capabilities to reach the best output. This video easily counts as one of the most important video productions we have done to date.

Client :Vodafone Careers

Period :2018

Location :Egypt