Udacity l إستثمر فى مستقبلك

Udacity; one of the biggest, and most popular online platforms for tech courses, decided to launch their new Nano-degree program in Egypt. Since people usually scroll past anything education-related, they wanted to ensure people don’t scroll past this one as well. With this task in mind, Kijamii made sure to create something that would stimulate the audience’s engagement.

The insight was to bring forward all the times we were bombarded with news about inventors and their inventions that seem to, more often than not, turn out to be complete shams. We made a 3-copy mockumentary, each featuring a supposed inventor explaining exactly what their inventions do, with resemblances from actual incidents that took place in real life in recent years. The moment the first copy was posted it went viral and was re-posted on other social media accounts, congregating six figure views.


Client :Udacity

Period :2018

Location :Egypt