Digital Conversation with Al Ahly – AS Roma

A Conversation of the Ages: When a Friendly Match Goes Digital

It all started with a friendly greeting from Al Ahly to AS Roma welcoming them to the Arab world. Naturally, AS Roma responded by thanking them for their hospitality and expressing their excitement to meet Al Ahly in action out on the pitch… to which Al Ahly replied stating how important the tie between the two clubs is. And that’s when all the cutesy messages stopped, and AS Roma unleashed the beast – now it meant war. We started a series of posts which turned into a sort of digital conversation between the two clubs… AS Roma started by bragging about their large international fan base, followed by a post about how they have the strongest attack. Al Ahly ended up replying by stating that not only do they have the strongest attack, but they’re also the top of their league. The online “argument” over who has it best, evolved into a number of engaging posts, such as the prediction wheel gif. You can take a look at the series of posts below. 

Client :AS Roma

Period :2016

Location :Middle East