President - "Sweet Revenge" World Cup Video

During the World Cup period, our newsfeeds are flooded with endless ads and we find ourselves drowning in a sea of brands trying to stand out during such a busy, busy season. And with the match’s results being completely unpredictable and circumstances being unsteady, it is quite tricky to not only come up with a strong, last minute creative, but to also adapt your creative concept so that it is relevant and well-timed.  

Bearing this in mind, we took the challenge of collaborating with one of our most cooperative clients to roll out a video that we hoped would break the Internet. And it did.

With people going crazy and us receiving one comment/share after the other, the video has been going insanely viral in no time at all. We had people go as far as to download it and re-upload it on their pages and various platforms. We’ve even had community members tagging their friends and encouraging them to create their own version of the video.  

By now, you probably know which video we’re referring to but, in case you still haven’t watched it, click here to get redirected to PRESIDENT’S WORLD CUP “SWEET REVENGE” VIDEO.

And to give you more context about this brilliant project, we’d like to share with you the interesting back-story of this killer piece:

Starting out with our client’s desire to announce their Ramadan World Cup promotion, we came up a creative concept merging the brand’s promotion with Egypt in the World Cup, but sadly Egypt lost to Russia.

Still not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of delivering an outstanding final product, we thought we’d revisit the concept, change it completely to adapt to the current circumstances. And so the piece was conceptualized, shot, edited, approved and posted in LESS THAN FOUR DAYS.

The video was a huge success not just because of the target audience relevance, funky voiceover, the witty script, the excellent casting, but also because it addressed the unfortunate event in a brilliant manner and perfectly captured every Egyptians’ attitude towards the situation while effortlessly reflecting our community’s hilarious sense of humor.

Client :President Cheese

Period :2018

Location :Egypt