Peugeot through the Years

Highlighting Peugeot’s Timeless Relevancy

We are all familiar with dealing with various products or brands throughout our lives, and going through the process of finding out what lasts and what doesn’t – very few of them ultimately prove to be original and durable. These durable products or brands end up defining the true meaning of a company that lasts a lifetime – a household name that passes through generations and stand the test of time. Peugeot is just that.

Peugeot is an iconic brand in Egypt, it is one of those cars that has always met each generation’s needs. As a result, each generation over the years has gone through a totally different experience with Peugeot than that of the last. We took this insight, and decided to implement it to our advantage.

We came up with the idea of using insightful and relevant stories which would showcase Peugeot from a nostalgic perspective, all the way up to how it is conceived in our current era. We used three of its iconic cars (504, 405 and 508) in order to do so, and the result proved to be very relatable to our community.  

The campaign was highly engaging, as the community proceeded to share their own stories of their experiences with the timeless Peugeot. 

Client :Peugeot

Period :2017

Location :Egypt