Netflix - World Cup 2018

Seeing how the World Cup holds the attention and interest of millions of people around the globe, and since Netflix is all about entertainment, we knew we couldn’t miss the chance to come up with something truly unique highlighting the audience’s love for, both, Netflix and football. 

Which is why, we’ve created two videos celebrating this event.

1)   MENA Girls:

We have released the MENA Girls video celebrating the 4 MENA region countries; Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, joining the World Cup. The video featured the iconic four main characters of the all-time classic movie “Mean Girls”. Four countries... four characters. Each country was portrayed as one of the girls. The video was narrated by Essam El Shawaly, the famous football commentator with one of the most recognizable voices in the Football world. With this video, Netflix wanted to deliver that we stand with the MENA Girls. In other words, we support the 4 MENA regions in the World Cup. The sentiment of the video was mainly positive.


2)    The Netflix Guide to the World Cup:

Shortly after that, we released The Netflix Guide to the World Cup on all our platforms. 
This video is also narrated by Essam El Shawaly. With a relevant and fitting script, the video calls attention to the alikeness of drama and football. It showcases how, like series and movies, football is full of passion. It also subtly congratulates the 4 MENA regions for their qualification for the World Cup and it highlights how fans of different Netflix originals are brought together in the name of football and how football is something that people all over the MENA region and the world bond over.


Client :Netflix MENA

Period :2018

Location :MENA