Ahlan Netflix

Giving Netflix an Oriental Makeover

Taking on the challenge of introducing Netflix to the Arab world in such a way that would relate to its new Middle Eastern audience was daunting, to say the least, but we never fail to find the fun in a challenge. Ahlan Netflix flew naturally into our lives as we thought, what better way to introduce Netflix to the Arab world, and celebrate Ramadan at the same time, than with some of Netflix’s biggest and brightest stars greeting their Arab audience in their native language. Netflix’s Arab awakening later evolved into us creating Netflix’s first Arabic logo, as well as the series of posters you see below. We thought about how we could interconnect Netflix, a very much modern creation, with familiar, traditional and culturally relevant entertainment industry-related content… and voila!

As a result of how the content creatively introduced audiences to Netflix in very nostalgic, ‘past meets present’ fashion… the visuals did very well and garnered much attention. This approach made it all the easier for audiences to proudly welcome our new client with a warm, “Ahlan Netflix.”

Client :Netflix

Period :2016

Location :Middle East