Netflix MENA - La Casa de Papel X Al-Ittihad

Celebrating the striking resemblance between Al-Ittihad’s head coach and “The Professor”, Al-Ittihad fans unveiled a huge La Casa de Papel inspired tifo during the game. To take advantage of all the incredible social buzz triggered by this initiative, a digital campaign rich with content merging LCDP and Al-Ittihad was launched.
This legendary campaign started with a shout-out from LCDP’s actor to Al-Ittihad and its fans and has gotten us over 500K Organic Views, 11K Retweets and 5K Likes.
The shout-out was then followed by a video launched on May 8th in preparation for the final match of Al-Ittihad for the King’s Cup. With over 740K Views, 2.7K Comments, 11K Likes and 20+K retweets, this brilliant video went super viral and broke the Internet in no time at all. The video was also retweeted by various influencers and publications like Football NewspaperAl-Jazira Sports and local publication for Al-Ittihad FC. Al-Ta’awon FC has actually gone so far as to create their own version of the video.
And to wrap it up, Netflix congratulated Al-Ittihad for winning the King's Cup by releasing this mugshot video.
The campaign was, overall, so incredibly successful, that people started sharing fan art and suggesting Netflix should be the main sponsor of Al-Ittihad.

Client :Netflix MENA

Period :2018

Location :Egypt