Halan - ملك السلكان

A new transportation network company, you say? Yes, but not quite as we know them to be. Okay, then what makes 7alan any different? There’s a handful of other transportation apps out there. Well, this one isn’t for cars, it’s for *drumrolls* Toktoks and motorcycles!

Introducing Halan, a transportation app that aims to come to you Halan and take you wherever you please on a Toktok or a motorcycle.

Kijamii's campaign for Halan focuses on the speed of service, affordability, and availability in a long list of areas; remote and central. We made four copies [1] [2] [3] [4] in total, which ended up gathering over a million views in less than a week. 

Client :Halan

Period :2018

Location :Egypt