Google Arabia - #أساسيات_رمضان

Ushering into the holy month of Ramadan, we work together with Google Arabia to support them in rolling out three particularly convenient products especially tailored to cater for the user’s needs during the month of Ramadan.

Google Qibla Finder:

Since praying is one of the most common practices done during Ramadan, Google released the Qibla finder web application to support Muslims around the world locate the fixed direction they should be facing while praying. Once the user opens the Web Application on their phone they can automatically add the shortcut to their homepage. The distinctive attributes of Qibla finder is that it is super fast, accurate and, most importantly, it can work offline.

To announce the launching of Qibla finder, we’ve created a series of short, informative videos educating potential users about the application, its practicality and how they can use it.

Qalam min Google:

Meanwhile, we also revealed Qalam min Google.  Abandoning the common, repetitious Ramadan greetings, Google released a new platform helping users form unique and personalized Ramadan cards created by international calligraphists to share with their loved ones during the holy month. Bearing in mind that this platform is entirely foreign to the user, we made sure to create a series of cheerful, amusing still images, videos and GIFs familiarizing the community with Qalam and showcasing its feature of having countless original designs made by different artists.


Google Super One search box:

Additionally, we also promoted Google’s search box with customized search results. Whenever users searched for any Ramadan related topics with the keyword “Ramadan”, updated and accurate results explicitly provided by Google popped up in no time. Allowing Muslims everywhere to have access to information such as the correct prayer time according to their geographical location and much more!

Client :Google MENA

Period :2018

Location :Egypt