Juhayna Sports - Kolena Mabrook Campaign

Somewhere between all the buzz and people losing their minds over the world cup qualifications, a somewhat controversial video pops up.

And this video was the result of a valuable collaboration between us and our partners Juhayna.

To help support our partners in showcasing that they are, just as every Egyptian citizen, rooting for the Egyptian national team and crossing their fingers in the hopes that we, after 27 years of trying, qualify for the World Cup, we launch this ad.

The video was made in the form of a mockumentary that tells the story of a character named Mabrook, an Egyptian football fan born shortly after Egypt’s last World Cup entry in 1990. In the video, and as an extreme football fanatic, Mabrook repeatedly suffers from psychological trauma caused by the team’s constant failed attempts to qualify for the World Cup. Causing him to be in a near-catatonic state. And the only way to prevent his impending death would be for Egypt to qualify.

Shortly after, in a fortunate turn of events, the unimaginable happens and, Egypt does, in fact, qualify for the World Cup.

And so with his name literally translating to “Congratulations”, we released a video with Mabrook on his feet and the tagline “100 Million Mabrook”.

Posted on October 5th, the video caused an unprecedented buzz and was all over social media gaining over a million views in a matter of hours, and the hashtag Kolena Mabrook started trending on Facebook. 

Client :Juhayna

Period :2017

Location :Egypt