Juhayna - Happy Kitchen Application

Turning every house-wife into a technophile, our state-of-the-art mobile application for Juhayna Happy Kitchen is precisely designed to provide all kinds of recipes that could be made with Juhayna products.

The application is extremely practical and includes the following features: An overview of Happy Kitchen products, the option to browse, save and submit recipes, a “Do It Yourself” guide, a grocery basket where one can add their shopping items, the option to “plan your meal” allowing one to plan and arrange their meals over the week and, most importantly, a “my profile” section where one could add their demographics and personal data so that are exposed to customized recipes especially tailored to their needs.


Technologies used:

Cordova (Cross-platform Mobile App Development Platform).





Special Reporting and Tracking Modules.



Client :Juhayna

Period :2018

Location :Egypt