Vodafone Careers - Innovation Hackathon

Introducing 2018’s biggest Hackathon to date! Our partner Vodafone Career announced their first ever Innovation Hackathon to take place mid-December. The event is designed to gather all software developers and tech enthusiasts in Egypt. When Kijamii got the word that it would be working on a campaign for the Hackathon, we started looking back at the old days; decades before all the technological breakthroughs that we indulge in today occurred.

We made three copies [1] [2] [3] for the hackathon, each copy revolves around a fantasy in the main character’s mind regarding certain day-to-day matters that they wish would one day be made easy. These day-to-day matters were things like hailing a cab, having access to someone’s social information, or something as simple as knowing the name of a song and its artist. If you take a second to think about it, in today’s world we consider these matters quite trivial as modern-day technology presents us with multiple solutions in a matter of moments; whereas back in the day, prior to all of these technological advances, these were nothing but senseless hopes babbled during telephoned rants.

Client :Vodafine Careers

Period :2018

Location :Egypt