Huawei Introduces Nova Plus

Huawei Bravely Defies Expectations with its New Nova Plus Device

With Huawei’s newly launched Nova Plus mobile device, we knew we had to defy expectations ourselves and showcase this device’s features in a way that would undoubtedly put Huawei on the canter of the digital map. The Nova Plus’ main features include a very fast processor (especially suitable for gamers), a 16 MP camera with an array of options, and a strong battery that lives longer than most phones.


The global tag line for this campaign was Defy Expectations… taking that to digital, we came up with a campaign that falls under this umbrella which is all about people who defy expectations with what they do.


We kicked off the campaign with a teaser video showcasing 3 specifically handpicked individuals (influencers) doing extreme, or different, things such as speed racing, football free-styling, and graffiti art. Each one of these individuals, and their professions, was also picked to hammer on a specific key selling point/feature - the graffiti reflects the phone’s camera with its sharp colors, the speed racing resembles the fast processor, and the football free-styling reflects the battery and how long it can go without charging.


Following the teaser video, we published a Canvas communicating a competition we created in which people were asked to show us how they also ‘defy expectations’ for a chance to win a Huawei Nova Plus, or t-shirts signed by Lionel Messi himself.


To keep fans even more engaged and motivated to send their videos, we launched full-length videos for each of the 3 handpicked influencers: Nofal (graffiti/camera), Yorok (football freestyle/battery) and Ally (speed racing/processor).


Nofal (Representing the Camera):

Nofal chose quite a different path to deliver his message and express himself… graffiti. Not only did he master this art, but he also succeeded in using colors as a way to strengthen his message - and it just got stronger with the incredible Huawei Nova 16 MP camera lens that boosted his message with flourishing colors, and with its incredible precision.

Yorok (Representing the Battery):

Yorok did the impossible and achieved his goals. Through this video, he definitely proved Huawei’s theory that with perseverance and strength, the impossible can be achieved. Not to mention he also proved that with Huawei Nova Plus’ powerful battery, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you!

Ally (Representing the Processor):

In a life that speeds up its pace every day, Ally Salem defied all expectations with her precision and proved that nothing is impossible by succeeding in one of the harshest fields for a girl… speed racing. With its exceptional Snapdragon 625 processor, Huawei Nova Plus is your best pick to get your things done with precision, and in no time.


After the campaign was over, all of the community’s submissions were filtered and judged in order to pick our winners. Three people won the Huawei Nova Plus phone, and 3 others won a T-shirt signed by Lionel Messi.


Client :Huawei Mobile Device Egypt

Period :2017

Location :Egypt