Farm Frites Goes Back to School

Farm Frites Takes a Nostalgic Route for its Back to School Campaign

In preparation for the back to school season, Farm Frites decided to approach its community and target audience by branding their products through the use of relevant situations and insights that the community passes through during ‘back to school’ season. This was done by providing different and relevant ideas (such as using Farm Frites in place of the popular Selah el Telmiz textbook), or situations of eating Farm Frites – for example, as a reward and a way to break one’s daily routine.
Other than that, Farm Frites also showcased its different products using a back to school theme in order to raise awareness in an eye-grabbing way, and encourage the community to buy and eat their products.
The campaign was an overall success, and proved to be exceedingly engaging with the community who enthusiastically commented on each of the posts, reminiscing about those back to school days - or recounting the days they are presently going through. 

Client :Farm Frites

Period :2016

Location :Egypt