FC Bayern München

When Global Goes Local for a Friendly, Threatening Message

Bayern München is undoubtedly one of the most popular football clubs in the Middle East, sporting a large Arab fan base. That having been said, almost all Arab football fans are familiar with the incident in which an Al Ahly fan commented on a post on FC Bayern München’s Facebook page 3 years ago, saying that Al Ahly would take them “behind the factory of the chairs” (wara masna3 el karasi) – a humorously threatening comment. Fast forward 3 years into the future, and that’s where we come in… we thought it would be a fun idea to have the German football club engage with its Arab fan base in a simple video. We sent them the phrase “Wara masna3 el karasi” and asked players from the team to pronounce it to the best of their ability as an outgoing threatening, yet friendly, message to any of their rivals – and, simply enough, that would be the video.

The video went viral, and relating to their Middle Eastern fan base on such a personal level – both from the language aspect, as well as the humor - proved to be greatly effective and resulted in significant buzz around Bayern München’s social media platforms. 

Client :FC Bayern München

Period :2016

Location :Egypt