Mother’s Day Campaign - Farm Frites

Regal La Ta3ref al Matbakh: Placing our Superhero Mothers atop the Pedestal

Mother’s Day was coming up, and we wanted to mix things up a little. Farm Frites is a product that mostly women (more specifically mothers and wives) use… but what if, for mother’s day, we turned the tables around? This train of thought eventually led us to our creative concept of “Regal La Ta3ref al Matbakh” in which a little bit of role reversal took place. The main idea was to celebrate mother’s day in an unconventional way, by getting men to take the lead in the kitchen for a change, and in celebration of the wonderful women in their lives. The campaign hit two birds with one stone in that it promoted the functional aspect of Farm Frites products’ easy use, while at the same time playing on the emotional aspect of having mothers pampered on this special day.

Various parties were involved in this campaign… the community were asked to submit photos with their mothers in order to win a dinner for two, and influencers were sent a package of Farm Frites and asked to prepare something for their mothers or wives, as well as also being offered a dinner for two.

Our mothers are always the heroes in our lives, and this campaign simply placed them on the pedestals they deserve to be placed upon. 

Client :Farm Frites

Period :2016

Location :Egypt