DHL - Ramadan campaign

Seeing how DHL is a global delivery service mainly focusing on connecting people and how to help improve their lives, we believed there was no time or occasion more suitable than Ramadan to accentuate the brand’s core strength.

We knew exactly what our client needed. And so, we thought we’d hit two birds with one stone and reflect Ramadan’s peaceful and festive ambiance while tying it into DHL. And, at the same time, we wanted to support DHL in promoting their special Ramadan offer.

With its localized look and feel, this visually appealing mini campaign was especially designed to bring DHL Express Egypt and its online existence to the fore, subtly stressing on how Ramadan is truly global, and that people can send their loved ones abroad some Ramadan love and spirit, with the help of DHL and their special promotion.

Following incredible community engagement, and out of the thousands of submissions received daily, we've been granted global exposure by being featured with this mini campaign on the well-known, prestigious, global online platform; Ads Of The World.

Client :DHL Express Egypt

Period :2017

Location :Egypt