Changan KSA - CS95 Car Launch

Playing around with the idea that our imagination is usually a lot better than our reality, we launch this video to introduce Changan CS95 to the Saudi Arabian market. 

Throughout the video we destroy this belief and stress on different facts, general things that highlight exactly why reality can sometimes top one’s imagination.    

In the end of the video, we finally show the car, revealing to the watcher that we’ve been referring to Changan CS95 this whole time.

The main message of the video is that Changan, with all its extraordinary characteristics, is designed to perfection to cater to all your needs and is  more impressive that anything one could ever think- or dream of.

This video celebrates this spectacular new vehicle and wonderfully emphasizes on its features in a very subtle and prestigious manner. 


Client :Changan KSA

Period :2018

Location :Egypt


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