You are one click away from changing the world!

You are One Click Away From Changing the World!

Bassita is an Egyptian startup that has been operating since 2014. They are the innovators of the multi-award winning model entitled Clickfunding. They specialize in social media campaigning, cause marketing, brand identity, marketing solutions, and video production. They are firm believers that clicks have powers.

Clickfunding is an Egyptian innovation that allows web users to contribute to projects with their web and social media engagement. Just by clicking, watching, and interacting on videos that promote certain projects or causes, web users can create concrete impact… it does not get much simpler than that.

Developing such a platform needed our online technology expertise… we developed a live tracking system that converts social media engagement into actual points for each campaign or project, as well as a gamification model to keep website users engaged.

The website is fully responsive and supports three languages, and it also comes with a heavily customized administrative tool to suit Bassita's needs.

Client :Bassita

Period :2016

Location :Egypt