AS ROMA - World Cup Twitter Stunt: Egypt VS. Saudi Arabia

Following their qualification for the World Cup, thousands of football fans from the MENA region and from all over the world have been waiting for the big match between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

And considering how AS ROMA’s huge fan base consists of many Egyptians and Saudi Arabians, we thought we’d take advantage of this event to have some fun and mess with our fans a little on our Twitter account.

The main idea was to have our fans engage with us by opening discussions and sharing their thoughts about the Egypt VS Saudi Arabia match.

And so our team came up with the idea of making up two virtual admins; A Saudi Arabian and an Egyptian. Naturally, the Saudi Arabian admin cheered for Saudi Arabia to win while the Egyptian admin crossed their fingers for Egypt. Best part was that we had both admins tease each other in the process, using real community insights and commonly known jokes between both nationalities.

Both admins put on quite a show for our followers. The stunt was so on-point and so well-timed that it had captured AS Roma’s fans’ attention and kept them on their toes, impatiently waiting for the account to tweet something new.  

You can have a look at some of the tweets here:

The stunt was also picked up by a few media outlets. Have a look here:  



Client :AS ROMA

Period :2018

Location :Egypt