Hyundai - International Women's Day video

To celebrate the big news of Saudi Arabian women driving, we collaborated with Al Majdouie Group, the leading authorized Hyundai distributor in Saudi Arabia, to launch the following 24 second video on International Women’s Day.

This simple idea which was, at first, an initiative from the team and was produced completely in-house with minimal budget, proved to be one of our best pieces for the following reasons:


The video ticks all the boxes. On the surface (for obvious reasons), in terms of image and sound and, when you further interpret the video, in terms of unquestionably strong Saudi Arabian insights.

Image and sound:

The video is specifically designed for the Saudi Arabian community. From the black colors (which refer to a Saudi Arabian woman’s dress code: “The Abaya”) to the voiceover that is in Najdi Arabic, the first language in the central region of Saudi Arabia.

The insight and the plot twist:

In Saudi Arabia, Henna is usually associated with marriage. Particularly because, before any wedding, they throw the bride a traditional henna party.

During the party, the bride’s hands, wrists and feet are covered in henna designs.

Which is why, naturally, 15 seconds into the video, anyone watching would assume that the voiceover is referring to marriage. And just as the watcher is about to judge the video as predictable, the “story” goes into another direction.


The main objective of the video is to celebrate and congratulate Saudi Women for being able to lawfully drive. It is meant to reflect on the enthusiasm women now feel with the law being put into effect as of next June.

The plot twist is also a clear call to action.  It is a call to action and an invitation for women to get their cars now. And not just any car..

It’s an invitation for women to buy their Hyundai car.

Client :Hyundai AlMajdouie

Period :2018

Location :