What is Kijamii

We could go down the cliché path of explaining how Kijamii is a digital media agency that aims at realizing digital experiences for its partners. We could also continue to say that we build creative digital strategies and campaigns that cross switch between online and offline activities to ensure the maximum reach for our partners. We could go into all the technical details, and try to highlight our professional skills… but, ultimately, we’re all about being real. So - real talk - Kijamii is a place where like-minded individuals (who happen to be some of the coolest people on the planet) come together to create brilliance (yes, brilliance), and bring brands to life.

Our Inspiration

Inspired by our African roots, the Swahili word for “social” just spoke to us – and thus, Kijamii was born. In a continent where the tribe is the nucleus of the society, we found the perfect word that encompasses our set of values, and reflects who we are. Keeping in mind that the digital industry stands on values of sharing, interaction, conversation and storytelling… we found the word to be perfectly fitting as these are all traits that are deeply ingrained in any tribe – and most especially in our Kijamii tribe.

Our Mission

Kijamii is on a mission… a mission to utilize its resources, as well as its selection of Egypt's finest talents - coupled with an international mind-set that transcends all geographical limits - in order to achieve its vision of becoming a key international player in the digital industry. We have a know-how that settles at the core of our organization, one which we've systemized into a deliberate process every Kijamiite is trained to perfect. Our know-how enabled us to develop our flagship strategies that set us apart from our competition. This is the Kijamii tribe, and we approve this message!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become an international key player in the dynamic digital technology industry.

Kijamii Values

We are social geeks

We communicate effectively, listen actively and have genuine interest in people. In addition, we are proud of our geekyness which is relentlessly curious, and we are always fascinated by how technology is revolutionizing our world.

We are global citizens

We are a global company operating in different parts of the world. We live up to international standards of quality and strive to raise the bar. We update ourselves with the latest global trends and think through global perspectives while leveraging on local differences. We are fast paced, dynamic, flexible and constantly work on reinventing ourselves.

We are entrepreneurs

Our story as entrepreneurs nurtured a culture of entrepreneurship reflected in the work of every Kijamite. We take initiatives, and proactivity comprises our style. Our passion is the fuel to our engine of growth.

We are transparent & ethical

We are transparent in the way we work both internally and externally. We believe it is always in our enlightened self-interest to be honest with ourselves and our clients.

We are commited to achieving self actualization

We have faith in our potential and possess the bravery needed for the never-ending process of moving forward. We are always willing to challenge both the predominant status-quo and the unquestioned assumptions.