Juhayna Oriental Continues

Juhayna Oriental Continues to Please Egyptians Long After Ramadan, with a Little SVC Help

Altering consumer behavior in order to meet a certain business objective is quite challenging, to say the least… but given the quality of the product, along with the history behind our fruitful partnership with Juhayna, introducing Juhayna Oriental to the market as a product beyond Ramadan was a challenge that we gladly accepted.
Our main approach was to maintain the brand’s authenticity, while adding a cool, modern look and feel to it – all of which was clearly reflected in the music, characters, and art direction communicated in the video. Also, using the interactive technique, in which we asked people to place their fingers on the screen, was definitely the cherry on top and ended up highly engaging the community in a most positive manner.  
Constantly monitoring our community’s response never fails to provide us with accurate insights, which we consider as our main reference before starting any new project. We closely monitored the community’s behavior on the page prior to releasing the SVC, and the insights clearly showed that people needed a little color and brightness in their lives… which is what led to our specific use of artwork, refreshing music, and interactive approach - which ultimately gave the community what they needed. 

Client :Juhayna

Period :2016

Location :Egypt