Careem Takes Halloween

When Careem Took a Mysterious Series of Apocalyptic Events Viral

We decided to take Halloween to a whole new level with Careem’s uniquely devised campaign. Forget about monsters and witches… we wanted to bring the walking dead to Egypt in an epic apocalyptic series of videos. We wanted to experiment with creating a buzz through shareable content that is not branded, and to attract the community’s attention throughout the timespan of a week, and finally reveal the campaign on Careem’s official digital platforms on Halloween day. The campaign was mainly divided into 3 phases, which were as follows:

  1. Teaser 1: The first teaser video was shared from a friend's personal profile, with an attention-grabbing headline/caption in which the person simply wrote “What’s happening?” and something along the lines of ‘Can anyone explain this?’ This drove the community to debate whether this supernatural incident was real or not… and incidentally, several tabloid pages shared the video to create more buzz. 
  2. Teaser 2: The second teaser video was published from another person’s personal profile, using the same strategy as the first teaser. It was shared on As7aby for the sake of virility, and it also created a lot of debate and engagement amongst the community.
  3. Big Reveal: The last phase was the reveal video that was published on Careem's official page, which tied the first two teasers together and to the brand, as well as introduced Careem’s new Share Tracker feature.

This campaign proved to be greatly successful in that it was an incredibly engaging and innovative way of introducing one of Careem’s newest features. The Share Tracker feature allows people to share their location and arrival destination with family and friends in order to ensure safety – we played on the concept using the idea that Careem would ensure a safe ride even through a zombie apocalypse.

Client :Careem

Period :2016

Location :Egypt